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Have questions about Lookhu A La Carte Channels, Live Events & Curated Content? Select one of the FAQs below:

With Lookhu fans can visit to discover new music, films, TV series and live events the can subscribe to. In many cases fans can purchse NFTs collecrables and or rev-share NFTs on our partner NFT marketplace When fans connect with their crypto wallet they gain access to their Lookhu channel content. 

When fans purchase rev-share NFTs on our NFT marketplace they get not only get quarterly royalty payments from streaming revenue generated on but any other platforms that the content may stream on. In the case of streaming music, rev-share NFT holders will collect royalties from all major platforms including Spotify, Apple music, Pandora and many  others. 

We know there are lots of choices out there when it comes to getting on-demand and live content. We work very hard curating free movies, TV shows, and live streaming channels from all over the world. We also work with content creators and publishers where we rev-share on subscriptions. Lastly, we produce our own content as well, bringing to life cool shows like The Count, Raydemption,  Slasher Party and special live sport and music events. 

We have some of the best content curators and talent scouts on the planet. Chances are we will find you before you find us; but if by chance we missed you there are still ways you can join us. We offer a really cool referral and affiliate program which allows us to discover new talent from all over the world. You can also complete the CREATOR form and if you are selected you will be contacted. Best of luck!

Lookhu is dedicated to being on the forefront of technology and we love working with digital natives. We are avid crypto users ourselves and are working hard behind the scenes to be one of the first streaming platforms to offer crypto transaction and rewards to our users. Stay tunes for the big announcement coming soon. 

One of the cool things about Lookhu is that we don’t require you to sign up for a membership in order to see our stuff. With our freemium model and exciting content, chances are you’re gonna want to upgrade at some point. If you discover a live event, or your favorite influencer starts a Lookhu channel you will be required to sign up, but that fast and easy. You don’t need to download an app or buy any hardware in order to watch what’s on Lookhu.